Back It Up or Lose it!

bw-kioskBack it Up or LOSE IT!

Very harsh words it seems until it happens and worse yet …it happens to you!

I am writing this blog to YOU from my own painful experience. But, you are in the photo industry you say… How could this have happened to you? This is my sad story.

It was the first working day of the New Year, January 3rd, 2013. I had my iphone on my knee as I closed the car door. I drove to my next stop and went to make a call. No Phone, Panic, sinking feeling, quickly turned around and went back … 15 minutes tops … no phone in parking lot, not turned in to nearby business.

I grabbed my macbook pro and quickly set up for “find my phone”. Messaged youngest daughter to “find my phone” from her phone …. nothing … GONE … wiped clean. Whoever picked it up knew what they were doing.

It was the first time in all the years I have lived in Charleston I had something valuable stolen to never be returned. Did I mention it was my first iphone? An iphone 4.

Yes…it had insurance, the phone was replaced but here is the sad part of this story. Since it was the first working day of the New Year holiday photos were still on my phone unbacked up. I lost valuable unshared photos. The photo I mourn the loss of most was of a dear friend lost to a brain tumor not long after.

The moral of the story is that regardless of how diligent you are (as I am) about cell phone back up it can still happen. The best policy is regular and routine back up.

There is a place on Savannah Hwy at Wappoo Rd. West Ashley that can help you back up your cell phone. They are having a class this coming Saturday Jan 7th 11-1pm to teach you how to back up your photos from your cell phone. Class size is limited to 6 $15 per person and leave with a disc of your photos.

Reserve your seat: or call 843.571.4817

They can also help you make prints, books, photo gifts wall art and more from your cell phone photos. It’s a great shop for all your photos West Ashley. #accuphotolab #trustyourlegacytolocal


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