When you know it’s about to get bad

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It has happened too many times now.  Each time it happens it is SO sad…

A precious photo faded away into nothingness or a vinegar smell emanates from old tapes that have become brittle. These memories do not last forever.

Old Photos

What most folks don’t realize is that in every old photo there is SILVER! Just like your tea service the silver in your old photo will tarnish or oxidize but unlike your silver teapot polishing will NOT  bring the silver in your photo back. Once the silver in your old photo has tarnished your image will be gone forever.

Even if you do not wish to restore the photo at this time. You can still preserve your memory with our Print to Print Service. An 8×10 print from your original photo is only $10 and that includes a few minutes of minor touch up. Keep it from fading beyond recognition with this service or take advantage of our complete restoration service.

Old Home Movies

Many people have home movies on 8mm film (VHS, VHS-c, Hi8 etc.) that contain irreplaceable video footage of family events, travel and life. Unfortunately old movie film will deteriorate, fade and get brittle over time – making it a good idea to covert them to a digital format. Your first clue is a vinegar like smell. Our movie transfers produce a high definition file with a sharper more vivd picture than the original.

Converting to a digital file is the best way to make sure the video quality and the video itself is preserved for future generations to enjoy. And after the transfer we can make also make a MP4 file for a slight additional fee that will allow you to do your own editing at a later date.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Don’t make us be the bearer of bad news…. preserve those old home movies and restore those old photos today!

Trust your legacy to LOCALS. AccuPhotoLab & Studio is located at 1757 Savannah Hwy. Charleston, SC 29407 www.accuphotolab.com.

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