Mother’s Days Remembered


Two of my favorite Mother’s Day stories from the lab:

The first happened a few years ago, when one son wanting to share his Mom’s precious photo albums with his brothers and all of his family. Mom had passed away several years previous and he had in his possession the most precious photo albums…with his Mother’s loving notations alongside many of the images. So much love went in to their making As we were reproducing the albums for him we began to know his Mom very intimately and the more we worked with her photo albums the more we loved her too!

The next story happened today. Our dear customer and friend, David Aiken, had just received his most recent 4EVERBOOK project and he came back to have more time to share the book today (…he was so excited yesterday he ran out the door before we had much of a chance to truly enjoy his accomplishment!) The book is a tribute to his Mom who passed away several years ago. We had the honor of scanning the images and giving him an assist in the design process. And I have to say it is such a beautiful book I want a copy to keep on display in the studio.

So the theme of my conversation here is that these wonderful Mother’s Day memories have all begun around the theme of sharing memories and making books!

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