Back It Up or Lose it!

bw-kioskBack it Up or LOSE IT!

Very harsh words it seems until it happens and worse yet …it happens to you!

I am writing this blog to YOU from my own painful experience. But, you are in the photo industry you say… How could this have happened to you? This is my sad story.

It was the first working day of the New Year, January 3rd, 2013. I had my iphone on my knee as I closed the car door. I drove to my next stop and went to make a call. No Phone, Panic, sinking feeling, quickly turned around and went back … 15 minutes tops … no phone in parking lot, not turned in to nearby business.

I grabbed my macbook pro and quickly set up for “find my phone”. Messaged youngest daughter to “find my phone” from her phone …. nothing … GONE … wiped clean. Whoever picked it up knew what they were doing.

It was the first time in all the years I have lived in Charleston I had something valuable stolen to never be returned. Did I mention it was my first iphone? An iphone 4.

Yes…it had insurance, the phone was replaced but here is the sad part of this story. Since it was the first working day of the New Year holiday photos were still on my phone unbacked up. I lost valuable unshared photos. The photo I mourn the loss of most was of a dear friend lost to a brain tumor not long after.

The moral of the story is that regardless of how diligent you are (as I am) about cell phone back up it can still happen. The best policy is regular and routine back up.

There is a place on Savannah Hwy at Wappoo Rd. West Ashley that can help you back up your cell phone. They are having a class this coming Saturday Jan 7th 11-1pm to teach you how to back up your photos from your cell phone. Class size is limited to 6 $15 per person and leave with a disc of your photos.

Reserve your seat: or call 843.571.4817

They can also help you make prints, books, photo gifts wall art and more from your cell phone photos. It’s a great shop for all your photos West Ashley. #accuphotolab #trustyourlegacytolocal


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When you know it’s about to get bad

2 mom grandmother art work

It has happened too many times now.  Each time it happens it is SO sad…

A precious photo faded away into nothingness or a vinegar smell emanates from old tapes that have become brittle. These memories do not last forever.

Old Photos

What most folks don’t realize is that in every old photo there is SILVER! Just like your tea service the silver in your old photo will tarnish or oxidize but unlike your silver teapot polishing will NOT  bring the silver in your photo back. Once the silver in your old photo has tarnished your image will be gone forever.

Even if you do not wish to restore the photo at this time. You can still preserve your memory with our Print to Print Service. An 8×10 print from your original photo is only $10 and that includes a few minutes of minor touch up. Keep it from fading beyond recognition with this service or take advantage of our complete restoration service.

Old Home Movies

Many people have home movies on 8mm film (VHS, VHS-c, Hi8 etc.) that contain irreplaceable video footage of family events, travel and life. Unfortunately old movie film will deteriorate, fade and get brittle over time – making it a good idea to covert them to a digital format. Your first clue is a vinegar like smell. Our movie transfers produce a high definition file with a sharper more vivd picture than the original.

Converting to a digital file is the best way to make sure the video quality and the video itself is preserved for future generations to enjoy. And after the transfer we can make also make a MP4 file for a slight additional fee that will allow you to do your own editing at a later date.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Don’t make us be the bearer of bad news…. preserve those old home movies and restore those old photos today!

Trust your legacy to LOCALS. AccuPhotoLab & Studio is located at 1757 Savannah Hwy. Charleston, SC 29407

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The Fine Art of a Selfie

The Fine Art of a “Selfie”


First Selfie

First Selfie

I was recently chided by my 20 something year old children for wanting to take my own “selfie”. I was scolded that I was vain and shallow. Let me clarify. It is not that I could not have had a professional portrait made. I reside in a sea of photographic professionals who would have willingly obliged.

straight from the camera

straight from the camera

And don’t get me wrong there is a time and a place for a professional portrait. Linked In is among those places where a professional portrait should be required. I wanted to prove to myself that 1. I could do it. 2. I could do it and make myself look, well, not too bad. And 3. I wanted to take a photo that was completely finished in the phone ready for upload. So as my kids rolled their eyes and made ugh noises I made my way into the world of Selfiedom.

The camera on my iphone 6 is a great camera that can also take a phone call now and then. Sometimes when the phone rings I jump or when I am using it as a camera I forget where I put my phone (duh). As I played with the rear-facing camera here is a few things I learned about taking a selfie:


Watch your light. Since photography is all about the light it is no different here. Look for pleasing light that enhances the contours of your face. Turn your flash off and search for some natural light.


When I am in the studio quite often I will use a stepladder to get above my subject. This makes for a longer line from the face to the neck. So try holding your camera above you at a slight angle.

The Eyes

A good portrait is all about the eyes. Using the rear-facing camera it is not easy to get good expression in your eyes. It may take a bit of trial and error to have your eyes looking back at you.


For the retouch I used an app called Editor Lite. It was a free app for mac download. I ended up with two versions of my final edit because I used too much retouching and in the first version my eyes turned blue (my eyes are green). In the final version I used a very light retouch. A little under the eyes smoothing and just a tiny bit of eye brightening in the corners of my eyes.


Finally I went into Snapseed, My absolute favorite app for artistic filters. The Vintage filter provided the finishing touch for my very first successful selfie.

So go ahead and explore your selfiness. What is the worst that can happen? There is always the delete button right? And if at first you don’t succeed … try try again!



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DO something with your photos!

It worksHave you got cell phone pics that you want to DO something with?

We can help you turn that cell phone photo into a print or a work of art or simply back up your images!

Digital is not permanent

Physical is permanent

Make it a print…make it a gift

Put it on the wall…put it on the desk

Make it permanent!

DO something with your images!

….You’ll be glad you did

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There is silver in my photo?

It has happened too many times now

And each time it is SO sad…

A precious photo faded away into nothingness

What most folks don’t realize is that in every old photo there is


Just like your tea service the silver in your old photo will tarnish or oxidize

Even if you do not wish to restore the photo at this time

You can still preserve your memory with our Print to Print Service

This Thursday Friday and Saturday ONLY

We are offering our

Print to Print Service for only $5 per 8×10 !

(regular price is $10)


A great present for your valentine!

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Mother’s Days Remembered


Two of my favorite Mother’s Day stories from the lab:

The first happened a few years ago, when one son wanting to share his Mom’s precious photo albums with his brothers and all of his family. Mom had passed away several years previous and he had in his possession the most precious photo albums…with his Mother’s loving notations alongside many of the images. So much love went in to their making As we were reproducing the albums for him we began to know his Mom very intimately and the more we worked with her photo albums the more we loved her too!

The next story happened today. Our dear customer and friend, David Aiken, had just received his most recent 4EVERBOOK project and he came back to have more time to share the book today (…he was so excited yesterday he ran out the door before we had much of a chance to truly enjoy his accomplishment!) The book is a tribute to his Mom who passed away several years ago. We had the honor of scanning the images and giving him an assist in the design process. And I have to say it is such a beautiful book I want a copy to keep on display in the studio.

So the theme of my conversation here is that these wonderful Mother’s Day memories have all begun around the theme of sharing memories and making books!

We will be offering another FREE Build A Book workshop at the beginning of the summer

Below is the link to our software if you’d like to get started on making your own:

‘spose I should mention the coupon codes here:

30% off a 8 x 6 Compact Hard Cover photo book – CODE: MDAYPROMO
15% off on all 4EverBooks – CODE: LOVE4DADS

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Christmas Cards are Off and Running!

Continue reading

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